There’s gold, and it’s haunting and haunting; It’s luring me on as of old; Yet it isn’t the gold that I’m wanting, So much as just finding the gold.

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Top Portfolio 1995 – 2010

1I have worked with the custodians of some of the top global brands. My portfolio contains interactive, web, print, outdoor and broadcast samples created over the last 15 years. These, however, constitute a relatively small snapshot of everything I’ve produced. Hope you enjoy!

Skilled Creative Direction

2I have been responsible for all of the creative aspects of many advertising campaigns handled by agencies and clients alike, from concept through production. I always set a positive tone for my creative philosophy and very high standards for the quality of its development and workmanship.

Marketing Professionalism

3The advent of cool new technologies and channels of communication is constantly presenting me with new opportunities to grow a client’s brand. I am careful to ensure that professionalism reigns at all times and that no short-cuts ever prevail under such conditions.

A Strategic Idea Factory

4My success lays in pushing the boundaries of the possible so that the effectiveness of the ideas shines through. I am intensely strategic by nature and enjoy the shaping and brainstorming of ideas. My mind is also very well-tuned to the endless new possibilities that abound in the digital realm.