About Me
Whatever your life's work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.

Iam originally from England, hence the shaved head and pale complexion (don’t we all look like that?). I was born in Windsor, Middlesex (just outside London and home to a huge castle, sometimes set ablaze by a careless royal with a smoldering cigarette) and spent much of my childhood living abroad in Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. My formative years in Africa taught me much about the resilience of the human spirit. I was educated mainly in English schools and universities, finally walking away with a handsome portfolio of qualifications, including a Masters degree in Modern American Poetry! Since then I have worked for many different organizations all across the globe: advertising agencies, media owners, software development companies and dot coms. My working life is invariably an extension of things I find joyful outside employment; mostly creative, usually commercially expressive and always firmly seated in the technical. I moved to the United States from England in 1994 and have primarily concerned myself with the integration of old media / marketing values and new web technologies ever since. Working in an arena that floods everyone daily with images, content and media of all kinds has taught me the true value of self-promotion. No longer the shy rebel of my teenage years, or the bookish-muso academic musician of my twenties, I have now blossomed into New Media Man.

My family is everything to me. I have a beautiful wife, Alison (a P.T.) and two fantastic boys who know more about technology and the internet than I will ever hope to know. I guess that by working on the web I am somehow building the backdrop to the future they will inherit. My wife is an accomplished web-mistress in her own right, albeit part-time and has been responsible for a selection of very commercially successful sites. She taught me to drive, so I suppose it was only fair for me to teach her to prepare content and write code. Often, we learn about new technologies and developments on the web together, bouncing ideas off one another in the process. She always says she knows enough to be dangerous. I think she’s better than she knows. Well, I would say that; teachers are inevitably their pupil’s biggest fans. My free time is often spent with the kids, playing video games, riding bikes, playing old rock classics on the guitar. I still get time to watch the occasional great movie, such as Inglourious Basterds, or TV series like Breaking Bad and my music keeps me sane. Listening to a lot of 1970s punk at the moment, which seems appropriate given the recession we’re in. Many of those songs still resonate today with their themes of unemployment and discontent. I was very saddened to hear that the English Warhol, Malcolm Mclaren just died (late manager of the Sex Pistols). Oh well, nevermind.


March 2019
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